My name is John, I am a young 3D modelling and 3D printing enthusiast,
I have created several interesting models over the years, and now I have finally decided
to create a website where I can sell my works, helped by my wonderful creative friends.
KosArtShop.com is a brainchild of a team of creative people, who are doing their best
to create the best quality products for you.
Other products we sell here are hand made by our friends who love to craft all sorts of
fancy and exquisite stuff!

We specialize on 3D modelling, 3D printing and painting, and 3D printing light elements like lamps, Lithophanes, and mood lights. 
We also take orders for custom 3D modelling, 3D printing and painting the models, as we have done over the years.
Please contact us by filling this form, if you want to make a custom order, and we will get back to you ASAP!

Meet our team:

John Kalinski (product designer and 3D printing operator)
This is me, I manage things and keep everyone happy and satisfied 😀


Valentin C. and Maria I.
They are the professional painters and magicians who make the models look so realistic and cool!

These are our products:

  • 3D printed and hand-painted movie and game replicas and other models
  • 3D printed lamps and other light solutions
  • Various hand-made products
  • Custom on-demand 3D printing and painting models
  • Any other 3D printable products, you name it!

We Can Custom Design Your Ideas

Your Payment Is Safe And Secured

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide to every country, shipping time and cost varies depending on your area.
Europe: around 2 weeks
The rest of the world and Americas: 3 weeks.

Best Quality

The products we sell match the photos exactly, and we assure the best client satisfaction.

Secure Payments

All payments are done through PayPal, or through a credit card, in both cases you are covered by PayPal buyer’s protection.